Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Youth Weekend Hunt (Back in September a little late)

Day 1
For the youth weekend hunt my Dad and I went out to our normal hunting spot, where we would hunt in the normal season. My Dad had gotten our treestands set up a few days earlier i think, i can't remember. Well for the first night we went out and got in our stands. (For my hunts my Dad puts a treestand above mine so he can videotape and helo me if I need it.) It was actually pretty warm out. I had to take my sweater off because I got so hot. I was hunting with a crossbow. I was pretty excited. I like shooting that crossbow. So I had the crossbow in my lap and was waiting and waiting and being patient. My Dad said every once in a while that he heard deer. I couldn't hear anything but I believed my Dad and patiently sat and listened. My Dad was right, I started hearing things to. Unfortunetly no deer came in that night. I wanted to go in a little early that night so my Dad and I headed in. Sadly, we kicked up a deer. And by the sound of it, it was a mature buck. It was Snorting and Wheezing at us. Although it was in the swamp. I would have never had a shot at it. That and the crossbow was no longer loaded. But that sure was an adrenaline rush! I had never heard a deer do that before!

Day 2
Day two started out pretty much the same way, only it wasn't as warm, I had my sweater on this time. I was still using a crossbow for the hunt. So when my Dad and I got out the second day it was evening again. After sitting a few minutes a heard signs of deer activity, although they were distant that sure was promising! So my Dad and I didn't hear much for the rest of the night except chipmunks and a few squirrels. And again, we went in earlier than we should have, but that was my choice. My Dad and I were cautious as we approached the swamp. But we didn't run into any deer.

I may not have shot anything, but thats okay, I enjoy spending time with my Dad and in the Woods.


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