Monday, February 18, 2008

"The Call"

The Call

He he! I laughed at something my sister had said when my moms cell phone rang.
“SHHHHHHHHH” she said, “ Hello?? Oh, hi.” It was my dad. Then I heard my mom say WOW! Then she handed the phone to me, hello? “ Hi Sport, my dad said. (Sport is my nickname) Guess what?”
“What?” I replied.
“ I got a 9- Point this morning!”
“ I don’t believe you!”
So since I didn’t believe my dad, he had to have one of his buddy’s that he was talking to tell me the truth. “ Mindy, your Dad, really did get a 9-Point!” His friend said. So I was like “Okay” My dad then came back on the phone and said, “Do you believe me now?” “Uhuh” Then I gave the phone back to my mom. She was really happy for him and she actually said that my dad should get it mounted because he was never going to get another deer again! My sister and I were laughing and so was my dad, even though my mom denies ever saying it! And so that was the call!

Day: November 15, 2007(opening day in Michigan)
Time: 9:00 AM
Gun Type: Tikka T3 300 WSM
Location: North of Hale
Points: 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Excitement level: 9.5!
Weather: Cold & Windy

By: Mindy

Saturday, February 9, 2008

My First Duck Hunt

It was September 15th, 5:30 am in the morning about 52 degrees out side. I was shaking with excitement as I was getting all of our stuff in the boat wondering to myself if I would have any luck. It felt like it was forever until we finally got in the truck to head to the lake. When we got to the boat launch there was no one there, we backed the boat into the freezing cold water. I could here motors running out on the lake as my dad parked the truck.
The wind off the lake was waking me up, I was getting pumped! As dad got in the boat I threw the tie off rope into the boat. I jumped into the boat and was ready to push off, we started the motor and we took off to the other end of the lake. As we putted across the lake we saw close to 2,000 seagulls!!! The spot we were setting up on was a little point, a perfect little spot to tuck up into in behind a downed tree. I don’t know why but I felt like I was a fish.

BOOM!!!.....Splash, "yes"

The point was a spot were the ducks bolt around it and catch you off guard, watching the sun come up was a cool sight to see with birds flying across it. The first ducks that we saw were across the lake, but then we had some coming towards us. They turned to the left and went to the cove behind us. I finally called two ducks in to our decoy spread!!! They were pintails but I could not get a shot off because the decoys were to the right of us. Then one flew from the right to the left! BOOM!!!.....Splash, "yes" I shouted with joy! I was so happy my first duck hunt and first duck. My dad was so proud of me, we went out to get it and I picked it up and raised it above my head. This will be one thing I will remember for the rest of my life!

By: Mike Adams