Friday, August 21, 2009

Shooting some crossbows

Sometime in July (i haven't posted for a while) my dad, and Mike had a crossbows test at my house. it was a lot of fun to be able to shoot the crossbows.
The first one i shot was an Excaliber. When I shot it was very loud. I liked, but didn't love it. It was very vibratey and so the small kick was harder than i expected. The Excaliber was rather hard to pull back so my Dad did.
The second crossbow I shot was a PSE Sidewinder. Which happened to be my favorite. If this makes sense. It shot more like a rock and was quieter than the Excaliber. Which I liked alot. The Sidewinder was probably the hardest to pull back so my Dad did.
The third and final crossbow I shot was a ten point Titan is the easiest to pull back but was my least favortite to shoot. when I shot it the pully thing to pull it back hit my collar bone and it hurt so I couldn't concentrate on the noise or how it shot.

But now I have declared the PSE to be my favorite and i am asking my Dad for one because I liked it so much.

By: MINDY!!!!!
August 21st 2009

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