Thursday, October 30, 2008

Then and Now

Wow, since June/July, so much has changed! Such as my grouping, posture, bow weight, and my cams.

In June or July when I first shot my bow I could barely pull it back, now I am at 35 pounds. My bow is easy to pull back. My weight has changed a lot since June.

My posture has changed also. Months ago I used to lean my back far back and I shot that way, not a very good posture. Now, I still lean back a little bit but not as much as I did. A better posture means that you shoot better to! Changing my posture has helped my grouping of arrows a lot.

My grouping has changed so much since June. In June I was still on the target but not necessarily kill shots. Now I have a tight group and they are kill shots! So I am happy about that. My Dad says that if you can wrap your hand around them and they are kill shots then you are a great shot.

My cams have suffered a little bit recently, uh… I kinda dropped my bow once or twice or three times. My most recent drop was so bad that my Dad had to file down my cams. OOPS! I am surprised my bow isn’t broken yet!

I really appreciate everything my Dad does for me. Without his love of the outdoors, I would never experience any of the best and worst things in nature. My Dad is one of my heroes and one of my favorite people to walk the earth. I really love my Daddy. I just want to thank him for everything he has ever done for me.

By: Mindy

Monday, October 6, 2008

My First Hunt - By Mindy

My First Hunt

My first hunt was amazing.
My Dad and I left around 5:30pm (October 4th, 2008) and we got in the woods soon after. About 10 seconds after we set up the blind we heard deer stomping around in the swamp about 20 yards away. We weren’t even in the blind yet! My Dad told me to get my arrow in my bow.

When we got inside the blind it was quiet for a while, a few chipmunk and squirrel noises but nothing extravagant. Then we heard something walking through the woods, my Dad told me to hook up so if it were deer they wouldn’t hear my release click. But as the noises grew louder, we saw two idiots walking through the woods, one was in a green vest and one was in a blue vest. At first I thought they had messed up my hunt. My Dad got out and said, “Hey you guys, you’re messing up a hunt!” They replied by saying, “Oh sorry man.” They obviously didn’t care, but after that they were quieter then they were before. Before they were talking real loud and cracking sticks, now they were talking quieter and walking quieter.

After things settled down we heard noises here and there but nothing came out.
Around 7:30, it was dark out so we headed in. As soon as we zipped up the blind door and started walking away, we heard deer stomping around in the swamp, but still, we kept on walking.

But as my first hunt I thought it was awesome because sometimes you don’t have as much activity as my Dad and I did.

That was October 4th, and today is October 5th, in about 2 hours, I am going out again.

By: Mindy

Mindy knows that when we hunt on public land, things like that can happen. The land is for everyone to use. While the two gentlemen who walked up on us interupted our hunt and walked right into the location the deer funnel from the swamp to our blind, they did turn around and leave without a fuss. I have a feeling they were looking for gun hunting locations and saw the heavy traffic area as a potential location. Hopefully, they'll respect our stands and blinds already set up for archery and gun season...we'll see. Even with the interuption, Mindy and I had a wonderful time watching the squirels and birds and listening for deer. I was a pretty proud dad sitting there watching my little girl, dressed in camo, and holding her bow waiting for deer. (even if her arrow wraps are pink...lethal pink with those broadheads! :-) ) ...and her's was the only bow we had with us because it's her hunt.