Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Squirrel Hunting

By: Mindy

My Dad took me squirrel hunting. I had a lot of fun. Even though my fingers just about froze off my hands, they would hurt when I would touch something!
Well anyways, we walked out into the woods, stopping every now and then to listen for squirrels. When we got to the part of the trail where we turn off and go into the woods we had to cross a swamp. Well, the swamp was frozen and it was cool because you could see underneath the first layer of ice to the second layer and you could see the spots where the deer broke through the ice. It was pretty neat.
When my Dad and I finally crossed the swamp we went to where we were going to hunt and we sat for a while. The squirrels were talking a whole lot. But I hadn’t seen anything so far. Neither had my Dad.
After a while my Dad and I started to walk back. NO SQUIRRELS. When we got back to our truck/SUV my fingers hurt to touch stuff, so I was having trouble putting away my .22!
After we were driving my Dad and I spotted a dumped deer carcass.  My Dad turned down this one little road that was more like a path to get to a lake and we saw 6 more carcasses. 4 in which still had the heads on them. Those 4 were definitely poached. They were does and by judging on how large the heads were, the looked young. So that was very sad. I hate it when people poach. After we turned off that road/path my dad spotted yet another deer carcass!  It is all so sad when you see a carcass and it has the hide and the head with it. So overall there was 8 deer carcasses within 100 yards of each other and within 3 minutes of each other.
So no squirrels for me.  But that’s okay with me because I love hunting.