Tuesday, February 17, 2009

65 Roses Round-Up

By: Mindy

On Sunday (2-8-09) I went to my first shooting competition for charity (Cystic Fibrosis) at Compass Outdoors. The object was to get 65 points throughout a series of targets with paper roses on them. When I got there my Dad and I were the last ones to shoot because of how late we got there. When we got there one of the kids (age 15) was in the lead with 2 rounds of 3 arrows each. Which is like really good considering the higher points are less than I inch around. My Dad finished up in 4 rounds of 3 arrows and a penalty shot. Which is awesome. And I finished in 6 rounds of 3 arrows. Which my Dad said is better than half the adults that shot. I thought I did well considering that I did not have my glasses and I was missing fletching on one of my arrows.

So I competed in my first competition and I probably scored somewhere in the middle of everybody. My dad of course ahead of me.

But I had fun and it was for a good cause.
Oh and I was the only girl shooting in the competition! There was only 3 kids shooting and I was one of them.

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By: Mindy