Monday, November 16, 2009

Wow, What and opening weekend at deer camp

First Day: November 12:
My Dad woke me up early, around 7:30am if I remember correctly. We got all the rest of our things packed and loaded up in the truck for deer camp. We left soon after. We got up to deer camp around 11:30am. The first thing my Dad and I did was say hi to Jack and Sandy (Mom and Dad of hunting buddy Ned) who's house we were staying at and went out and hung treestands on places we call "The Trail Of Terror" and "The Leaning Tree." All went well. Then we set up a blind on some private property. So Thursday afternoon my Dad and I loaded up and went out to hunt the Trail of Terror. My Dad put some "doe in heat" pee (from Mikes Magic) and we got up in the tree stands. It was pretty quiet for a while, we were hitting the grunt calls and doe bleats and the deer seemed to be pretty still. Then at dusk we heard a deer. My Dad told me to stand up. I did. And here comes this huge bodied buck walking on the trail of pee my Dad set up. You could hear him sniffing. He moved pretty slowly, I was getting buck fever, only my right leg was shaking though! But my heart was pounding!!!! I was standing for about 10 minutes and he wouldn't come into range, and it was getting pretty dark out. At last the buck started to walk away, but my Dad called him back with a bleat. He still never came into range. All the sudden something spooked him and he did 3 or 4 bounds. And came back. I finally decided it was to dark to shoot so I turned my bow light off and sat down. But that buck did not want to leave! He kept sniffing that doe pee my Dad put out. At last we heard him walk away. He was a 6 point. We were stuck in the tree in the dark because of Mikes Magic! So my Dad and I started to get down from the stand when he realized he forgot his flashlight at the house, so we were walking through the woods and through the field in the darkness. I decided while we were walking in the field to put my hand in front of my face so I wouldn't get hit with little trees that were in the field. When I moved my hand away from my face I got hit with a little tree in the face.
So that day was a wrap and we waited for the next.

Day 2 (MORNING): November 13:
My Dad and I got up at 5:15am to get out in the woods. We had breakfast and headed out. We were in our stands and situated by 6:30am. It was a pretty quiet morning and I was cold so we had decided to start heading in around 9:00am. WRONG CHOICE!!!!! So I was halfway down the ladder and my Dad was standing in the tree stand bending over so he was practically mooning the woods... only his pants were on when this doe comes walking out about 15 yards in front of us, broadside. She stood there and stared at us for 15 minutes. And neither of us moved an inch. At last she walked away. So after that I wanted to stay out so I climbed back up and not 10 minutes later a 4 point walks out. I stood up so I was ready to shoot only he came on the opposite side of the tree I was on. He stared at my Dad and I for a while and bounded away. We think he got spooked by my Dad moving. And then not 10 minutes after that a mature doe walked in the woods. I saw her first so I stood up. My Dad didn't see her until I said something. The sad part is she never walked onto the trail, she stayed in the woods. After those three deer we didn't see anything so we went in around 10:00am or 10:30am I think.

Day 2: Middle of the Day:
My Dad and I decided to go to this place called "The Pit." Its a spot where we can safely shoot guns. So what my Dad had me do first was shoot the .30-.30. It was the biggest gun I have shot. I shot it and I loved it. I wanted to keep shooting it after I shot about 10 rounds out of it but we were running out of ammo. My Dad then shot his Tikka T3 300 Short Mag. And then he let me shoot his .380 pistol a Ruger LCP . I shot it once and I didn't like it. There is so little weight to that gun there was nothing to absorb the recoil. Then my Dad shot his .454 Raging Bull handgun. He was sighting it in at 100 yards. That thing shook the whole truck. Then I shot my 20 gauge with slugs. I didn't like it. It came off my shoulder. But that also could have been my fault for not placing it correctly on my shoulder. I shot a few more rounds out of the .30-.30 again at an empty bottle of bleach someone left out at 100 yards. The first shot was good. The second shot practically blew the thing up. It split in half. And after that we had to leave to go back to hunt

Day 2 (AFTERNOON) November 13:
My Dad and I headed out to the trail of terror. He put more pee out. (I know by this time I am making it sound like my Dad peed everywhere) We got up in the tree stands and it was actually a pretty peaceful night. Not a sound from a deer, only squirrels and a partridge. But around the sunset I'm not sure what time, a young doe came in behind us. She never came close enough for a shot but I don't think I would have, she was pretty small. Nothing really came out after that.
By the time we got back the other 2 people that were coming up (Ned and his son Mitch) to deer camp had just gotten there. So all six of us at deer camp ate and went to bed. My Dad and I were going to be the only ones getting up for hunting in the morning though.

Day 3 (MORNING) November 14:
My Dad and I got up at 5:15am again and did our same routine as Friday. We got out in the stands around 6:30am again and sat quietly. The morning was very quiet for deer, we only saw squirrels. There was NO activity! My Dad even put pee out to. But hey, that's hunting. I had fun though. We decided to let the Trail of Terror sit that night to settle down for Ned and Mitch to hunt it opening morning. The rest of the day we watched football.

Day 4 (MORNING AND OPENING DAY!!!!!!) November 15:
My Dad and I were set up in the Field of Fear which is right by the trail of terror. Only we were in a blind. Not a tree stand, Ned and Mitch were in the Tree stands. The mornin was still but around 8:20am my Dad and I were moving around and the sunlight was on us when my Dad looked out and saw a buck. Now I don't have a doe license for gun season. This buck was big to. Probably a 2 year old. His rack wasn't massive or anything but it was atleast a 6 point. For some reason, I can't remember why my Dad was holding the gun. So when my Dad spotted it he handed me the gun but the buck was already trotting away. It's depressing though because I had the gun cocked and ready. (It wasn't really depressing though that was just a figure of speech) So I was lively and awake after that! I wanted to see more!!!!!! But we didn't see anymore, when we came out Ned and Mitch hadn't seen any deer either. The whole morning we only heard 51 shots (I was counting) way down from last year, we had that many shots the first morning last year!

Day 4 (AFTERNOON OPENING DAY!!!!!!) November 15:
My Dad, Ned, Mitch, and I all went out around 2:00pm that day. My Dad and I got situated and were waiting and waiting and waiting. But nothing came out all night. Not a deer. Not a sound. There isn't much about this night to say. Ned and Mitch didn't see anything either.

My Dad, Ned, Mitch, and I all got up at 5:15am and got ready for our final hunt at deer camp 2009. Once we got out to our blind bright and early we waited for a while. Around 7:30am I took my Dad's binoculars and was scanning for deer. Something caught my eye. A doe. She was pretty to. About 50 yards away. I kept saying that I wished I had my doe license. But she kept looking behind her. My Dad and I were hoping it was a buck following her. But it wasn't. It was 2 babies and another Mama. we watched them for a while and once they walked away I told my Dad I was glad I didn't have my doe license because I would have shot that doe and have felt awful because the babies and the other mama were waiting in the bushes behind her so we couldn't see them. One of the babies would have been without a mama. That would make me feel terrible. After that happened we didn't see anything the rest of the morning. She sure was a pretty doe though. Ned and Mitch didn't see anything again.

So overall I am okay that I got stuck in a tree because of Mikes Magic and that I was stuck on a ladder because of a doe and that I didn't shoot anything because that is hunting. I had so much fun.
And a big thank you to Jack and Sandy for taking care of us at deer camp and a thank you to my Dad for taking me up and thank you to Mikes magic for the extra bottle of pee. Wow that stuff works....
November 16 2009

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