Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Dream

Hey! Lets Win this. The thrill of her life (Fiction. So Far)

Whisk! The arrow flies, the target falls over. The powerful bow shot the arrow right where the heart would be placed. The young girl smiled and looked over at her Father. He smiled to. The young girl’s Father cranked up the poundage to 35. She shot it. Heart shot on the target. The girl was ready for deer season.

77 shots later at 35 pounds deer season for bow hunting began. The young girl’s birthday was approaching soon. She wanted to hunt on her birthday. It was 1 week away. She thought that it would be an awesome birthday present. The first hunt went slowly. Perfect. But seriously, the girl never wanted the morning hunt to end.
A few hours into the hunt a young buck came in, but it was to small to shoot, it only had 2 points. It looked like less than a year, or maybe a little over a year.
After a little while a nice 6-point came in but it was to far away and wouldn’t come any closer. A few minutes later it started raining, thunder and lighting came in. Deer came sprinting across to find shelter. The young girl didn’t realize that the deer were actually behind her tree stand. The deer were too quiet. They didn’t even rustle the leaves fallen on the ground. The young girl was with her Father. He signaled for her to start packing up her things. The Father came and undid her safety harness and the girl climbed down. In the truck on the way home the Father spoke, “So… Sport, did you have fun?”, “Of course. I saw a nice 6-point but it was to far away.” The girl said. “That’s pretty cool huh?”

The very next day the girl pulled out her bow and started practicing. Her Dad supervised. Dead center, heart.

The next hunt was her birthday.
Early in the morning she woke up and got ready to hunt. Her Dad was ready in a matter of 5 minutes. When they got out into the woods they immediately spooked deer. Once they settled into their tree stands. The sun silently rose over the horizon revealing a strong shadow. 11 points on the top of the wispy silhouette. A grin arose on the girls face. The silhouette grew closer. 12 yards in front of the girl. She slowly drew back her bow. She looked through the peep sight and narrowed in on the heart. Her cold finger reached out in front of the release. She took a deep breath. Her finger barely touching the release put more pressure on it. The camouflage arrow quietly left the bow. In less than a second the arrow hit the deer and went into the heart. The deer dropped. Bagged. The girl’s grin grew bigger although it didn’t seem possible. A few minutes later the hunters went out to look at the girl’s deer. She poked it to make sure it was expired. It was. She sat down behind it and held the head up. Her Father took photos. They later dragged the deer out of the woods. Blood dripped everywhere from where it was gutted out.

At home the girl’s Mother was ecstatic. Her older sister was called from college. She to was ecstatic.

Months later the deer head was mounted on the wall. Staring and reminding people of the awesome birthday present.

This girl had a dream. To get a deer. Determination and inspiration inspired the girl to keep moving forward. That girl was me, Mindy.

I would like to dedicate this short story to my Daddy because he believes in me and inspires me to keep moving forward.
I am moving forward and pursuing in my dreams.

Thank You Daddy, I love you!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Turkey Huntin'

I LOVE going hunting with my Dad, I have SO much fun.
Every Saturday morning I go turkey hunting with my Dad.

Day 1
I woke up at 5:30, the sun was already rising, my Dad met his friend at our spot down a dirt road where we deer hunt. We approached cautiously, awaiting any sudden movement. Just KIDDING!
We went out into the woods and my Dad’s friend went maybe 100-200 yards away into deeper woods. My Dad started calling, then I did to. Nothing. So about an hour later we got out and went “scouting” I guess you can call it. We searched for the perfect spot near by. We called and heard nothing so we got into the truck and drove down some dirt roads the opposite direction from the deer spot. We finally found a spot and it was TURKEY CENTRAL! We immediately heard gobbling so my Dad and his friend, and his friends son got out their guns and walked to the edge of the field. A hen was standing there, saw us, and took off. So we walked around the field and we saw a HUGE tom track. And then we decided, this was the place to hunt.

Day 2 Week 2
We went out into the field, set up our blinds and started calling. 3 or 4 turkey’s gobbled back. We called them out to the edge of the field but we couldn’t see them because the were still in the woods.
An hour later we called again, all the turkey sounded normal, then we heard the big boy, his gobble was very deep.
A half hour later we heard nothing. Then we saw a guy walking in the middle of the field! He didn’t care that our truck was sitting there! He kept on walking! So we got out of the blind and ended the day’s hunt.

Day 3 Week 3
We got out around 5:30 am. It was windy out but we sat out there until 9:30ish. We saw a couple of rabbits, a big fat racoon. We also heard something that sounded like it might have been two turkeys gobblin’ and then there was a niose like two racoons or foxes fighting. But no turkey near. Oh well, I was out for the experience, not just because I wanted my Dad to get a turkey, but to enjoy nature.

By: Mindy

Can't Fire Release

Another Story by: Mindy

Two Saturdays ago I got a new bow and I also got a device called “Can’t Fire Release.”
What it does is it builds up your muscles so you can get either a heavier weight or to get better at pulling back your weight easier.
So I started working with this.
The Saturday I got my bow. The guy that set it up at Gander Mountain put my bow at 27 pounds. When I went to shoot it I couldn’t pull it back so the guy put it at 26 pounds and I could pull it back easily.
The following Monday (2 days later) my Dad put it at 27 pound and I could pull it back. Right now it is still at 27pounds, but I am almost ready for 28 or 29 pounds.
But I started using the Can’t Fire release and it worked! I am still using it and it will help me with heavier poundage and help me pulling back the bow easier.
I used the device on Sunday and I think it helped me a lot when I started pulling the bow back.
I like it because I can get to a higher poundage and I can get up there quicker.