Friday, July 23, 2010

Hunters Safety

During this past week I have been taking hunters safety at a local conservation club.
Day 1, Monday:
The first day of hunters safety. The intructer's introduced themselves and they started things off with the 3 cardinal rules of firearm safety. They stressed these rules over the next four days of class. They also stressed that a safety is a mechanical device that can fail and that most firearm accidents happen in the home.

Day 2, Tuesday:
Today we got to shoot the guns. There was three gun choices... 4 10, 20 gauge, and a 12 gauge. I chose to shoot the 20 gauge. The bullets were bird shot so it didn't kick much. I was the first one to shoot of the day. I was a little high on the paper target but I blasted the clay pigeon haha. After the shooting we went around to the other side of the building and did "field activities" the first was safetly getting in and out of a duck boat with firearms. The next was crossing a fence with firearms, both were done with partners. Then we went to the treestand one and it was wearing a harness and treestand safety. The last was walking side by side with firearms. I forgot what we did after being outside....

Day 3, Wednesday:
Wednesday was probably my favorite day, the CO came and talked for over an hour and a first aid instructer came and taught us about hunter safety, there was also a quick lesson on handguns. After that we all went outside while one of the instructers gutted a sheep. And once the hide was off he said that their almost identical (sheep and deer). It was also very lovely when he snapped the legs and head off. Haha. There was a lot of younger kids in my class and they all had their hands over their mouths.

Day 4, Thursday:
The final day and day of the test, a quick lesson on muzzleloaders and videos on hunting accidents. Then we took the test, it was 50 questions and took me about 10 minutes. After everyone was finished the instructer went over the questions, I only got two wrong. So I passed and got my hunters saftey licsense. Nobody in the class failed and 17 people got 100%. Afterwards my Dad took me to get ice cream yum.

By: Mindy