Thursday, May 21, 2009

My First Turkey Hunt

Last weekend my Dad took me turkey hunting for the first time. I used my Tri-Star semi-auto 20 gauge. My dad also asked this guy who goes my the name of Mac to call for us. (Cause he is really good at calling) And my dad forgot his thermacell so I was getting eaten by mosquitoes
As soon as we walked out into the woods we heard toms gobbling. We knew that this was going to be a good hunt. My Dad, Mac, and I got our selves positioned off a two track. My Dad and I had our backs to one tree and Mac had his back on another. He started purring and clucking and we immediately got gobbles back. Once the toms got silent so did Mac. Within a half an hour we saw a turkey on the two track. It was a hen; she got within 20 yards of me. Perfect if she was a he. I watched he walk into the woods and then she popped back up behind us in the woods. Later on my Dad saw 3 turkeys coming down the two track from the opposite way. I turned around to get positioned and they went into the woods. Then while I was facing that way a big tom came out of the woods 20 yards away and went back in. So I missed him!!!!!!!! Then he came back out about 40 or 60 yards away.

Next Day

Mack, my Dad and I were in a blind this time and my Dad remembered his thermacell. Well I don’t know what it was but the toms just weren’t talking today. We heard two across the road but those were to far away to call in. Mack tried a few different call today but none seemed to work. Not a turkey came in sight! It was a good hunt and I wish I got something but hey, that’s hunting!!!!!

Just want to say Thanks to Mack for calling.

And I guess I’ll say thanks to my Dad for taking me out… (haha)

By: Mindy