Thursday, June 19, 2008

Turkey Huntin'

I LOVE going hunting with my Dad, I have SO much fun.
Every Saturday morning I go turkey hunting with my Dad.

Day 1
I woke up at 5:30, the sun was already rising, my Dad met his friend at our spot down a dirt road where we deer hunt. We approached cautiously, awaiting any sudden movement. Just KIDDING!
We went out into the woods and my Dad’s friend went maybe 100-200 yards away into deeper woods. My Dad started calling, then I did to. Nothing. So about an hour later we got out and went “scouting” I guess you can call it. We searched for the perfect spot near by. We called and heard nothing so we got into the truck and drove down some dirt roads the opposite direction from the deer spot. We finally found a spot and it was TURKEY CENTRAL! We immediately heard gobbling so my Dad and his friend, and his friends son got out their guns and walked to the edge of the field. A hen was standing there, saw us, and took off. So we walked around the field and we saw a HUGE tom track. And then we decided, this was the place to hunt.

Day 2 Week 2
We went out into the field, set up our blinds and started calling. 3 or 4 turkey’s gobbled back. We called them out to the edge of the field but we couldn’t see them because the were still in the woods.
An hour later we called again, all the turkey sounded normal, then we heard the big boy, his gobble was very deep.
A half hour later we heard nothing. Then we saw a guy walking in the middle of the field! He didn’t care that our truck was sitting there! He kept on walking! So we got out of the blind and ended the day’s hunt.

Day 3 Week 3
We got out around 5:30 am. It was windy out but we sat out there until 9:30ish. We saw a couple of rabbits, a big fat racoon. We also heard something that sounded like it might have been two turkeys gobblin’ and then there was a niose like two racoons or foxes fighting. But no turkey near. Oh well, I was out for the experience, not just because I wanted my Dad to get a turkey, but to enjoy nature.

By: Mindy

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a fun time with your dad! Maybe you will get to take a turkey next year. They are hard to get sometimes. Don't give up, keep on huntin' them, it will pay off one day with a nice bird!