Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can't Fire Release

Another Story by: Mindy

Two Saturdays ago I got a new bow and I also got a device called “Can’t Fire Release.”
What it does is it builds up your muscles so you can get either a heavier weight or to get better at pulling back your weight easier.
So I started working with this.
The Saturday I got my bow. The guy that set it up at Gander Mountain put my bow at 27 pounds. When I went to shoot it I couldn’t pull it back so the guy put it at 26 pounds and I could pull it back easily.
The following Monday (2 days later) my Dad put it at 27 pound and I could pull it back. Right now it is still at 27pounds, but I am almost ready for 28 or 29 pounds.
But I started using the Can’t Fire release and it worked! I am still using it and it will help me with heavier poundage and help me pulling back the bow easier.
I used the device on Sunday and I think it helped me a lot when I started pulling the bow back.
I like it because I can get to a higher poundage and I can get up there quicker.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great device, hope you get to the higher poundage and take a deer this year!